ABOUT Kathy-Taslitz

Kathy Taslitz was raised around the monumental sculptures of Chicago and draws her inspiration directly from both nature and technology. The work she creates ranges in scope from an 11- foot tall sculptural monument at the College of Santa Fe’s Performing Art Center, to gleaming and evocative stainless steel conceptual works, to her newest series that resemble huge fiberglass seashells. By sensitively examining the diametrically opposed yet essentially related configurations of natural elements and 21st century culture, she creates seductive juxtapositions of form and idea.

Her 2014 series of sensual forms entitled Just Visiting gracefully reflects the symbiosis between nature and humanity, asking existential questions about how the two coexist. This series melds grand sculptures of seashells with elaborate technical components, with each work representing one of the five senses.

The embedding of additional dimensions (sound, lighting, computer-aided technology and video) into her polished forms invokes a quiet sense of power. A power that isn’t self-referential, rather it draws upon both the primordial and mechanical to remind the viewer of the universal cycle of existence. Using cogent amalgams of compliments and opposites, her works create subtle relationships between shells and humans, the technological and the organic, and the gentle way fragility has the capacity to overpower strength.

Taslitz’s bronze and stainless steel sculptures infer a connection between natural objects and the invisible forces that shape the course of human life. This work conveys familiar human emotions – vulnerability, strength, clarity, calm – suggesting their metaphorical equivalents in forms and shapes from the natural world. The apparent stability of roots in the soil; surreal animal attributes conjoined to a fallen leaf; male and female forms dancing through the brittle remains of deteriorating plant structures – Here Taslitz draws her inspiration directly from nature. Birth, death, renewal — the basic outline to the story of all human life; the beginning, middle and end of our role in nature’s ongoing narrative — these are the themes that lay just beneath the surface of Taslitz’s work

Articles about the artist have appeared in Architectural Digest, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue Living, the Robb Report, Huffington Post, Interior Design Magazine and Luxe Home. Taslitz’s work has been shown at the Wright, Chicago, Illinois; Art Basel Miami Beach with Richard Gray Gallery; Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Art Crush/Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, Colorado; Gallery Maximillan, Aspen, Colorado.

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