Series: Be Real

PLAYTIME is a hand-crafted chess set that serves as a tribute to womanhood, depicting feminine strength and beauty. Each piece aligns with a traditional set—with a twist: Taslitz’s design uses eggs, an ancient symbol of femininity, as pawns, and a dominant queen. The chess pieces comprise polished bronze with a glossy lacquer and blackened bronze with a matte lacquer finish. The board is made of ebonized solid oak, a waxed oak finish, and polished bronze “feet” on the four corners. PLAYTIME has museum-quality assemblage, with no visible hardware. The set comes with custom fabric pouches for each piece. This is a limited edition of 50 sets with each signed by Taslitz. Price available upon request.


20”L x 20”W x 3″H
Natural and blackened solid waxed Oak
Polished and lacquered bronze brackets
Blackened bronze and matte lacquered feet

2″-4.5″ H
Polished and lacquered bronze on one set
Blackened bronze and matte lacquered on other set
Edition: 50

Chess Set board weighs 14.4lbs
Pieces weigh (both blackened bronze and polished bronze together) 15.8 lbs

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