Series: Be Real

PLAYTIME is a hand crafted chess set that examines the power struggles and dynamics of today’s modern society. The chess pieces are polished bronze with a glossy lacquer and blackened bronze with a matte lacquer finish. The board is made of ebonized and natural solid oak with a waxed oak finish, polished bronze corners and blackened bronze “feet” on the four corners. PLAYTIME has museum-quality assemblage, with no visible hardware. The set comes with custom fabric pouches for each piece and each board is signed by Taslitz.


20”L x 20”W x 3″H
Natural and blackened solid waxed Oak
Polished and lacquered bronze brackets
Blackened bronze and matte lacquered feet

2″-4.5″ H
Polished and lacquered bronze on one set
Blackened bronze and matte lacquered on other set

Chess Set board weighs 14.4lbs
Pieces weigh (both blackened bronze and polished bronze together) 15.8 lbs

Edition: Open
Each piece signed by the artist

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