Let It Go

Commissioned by: Private Collector
Permanent Location: Baltimore, MD


The ephemeral nature of human existence plays out as hundreds of polished leaves take the form of Buddha for a moment in time.


100”L x 51”D x 62H
Polished Stainless Steel

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Personal Archeology

Commissioned by: City of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach County
Permanent Location: Manhattan Beach Public Library, Manhattan Beach, CA


Society is composed of individuals forming a collective whole. Seven pod heads on a branch have thoughts and words concealed. Swirling through their textured and undulating kelp leaves, they speak of discovery and learning. The site’s local history, natural environment and community are encompassed within their discussion.


Dimensions: 16’H x 20’W x 5’D
Materials: Cast Aluminum

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Prevailing Affinities

Commissioned by: City of Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach County
Permanent Location: Manhattan Beach Public Library, Manhattan Beach, CA


Jellyfish swim in groups to help safeguard themselves from ocean predators. The species have thrived for 700 million years by reaching out to neighbors to form a community that helps to sustain them. By coming together, they create beauty and endurance, resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


40’L x 13’W x 17’D
Domes: 16”H x 28”D
Full Scale: 6’L x 5’D
Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Silicone

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Just Visiting

Self Commission
Temporary Exhibitions: Expo Chicago, Chicago, IL, The Audience, Los Angeles, CA


The five senses are reporting through imagery and sound on the relationship between nature, humanity and technology. Throughout evolution, these shells have been observing this coalescence according to their individual sentient capability.

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Commissioned by: Private Collector
Location: Santa Fe Botanical Garden


Fortitude is required to weather societal scrutiny, especially for women, while flexibility
and the courage to evolve are essential for self-realization and growth.


12’H x 5’W x 20”D
Blackened Bronze

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Tea Garden

Project: Transform a narrow exterior corridor to provide an intimate and functional space.


A surfboard shaped table, inspired by its Southern California locale, gives a sleek, uncomplicated yet sophisticated quality and provides an intimate place for conversation and dining. A floating bench and two side benches were designed to accommodate more seating to maximize available space. When the adjacent sliding glass doors are opened, additional chairs can be pulled up to the table.


Teak, Marble, Steel.

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Pieces of Ourselves

Project: To create a series of functional furniture and accessories that have a point of view and tell a story.


Metaphors of nature and the human experience provide a portal into self-discovery, highlighting cycles of change, family, identity and belonging.

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